Naperville customer's rod grinding sand making equipment is delivered, using steel slag rod mill, which can process steel slag, quartz sand, slag, water slag, etc. It is an environmentally friendly and efficient rod grinding sand making equipment.


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In early December, Kohler's rod mill equipment passed the user's acceptance, and the product quality met the design requirements and was delivered smoothly. This set of rod mill equipment delivered this time was selected by Kohler according to the customer's demand and output after on-the-spot investigation and calculation, and adopted the bearing structure of energy-saving rolling bearings. The equipment acts on the grinding of raw materials for manufacturing new building materials after steel slag treatment. The design process of the rod mill is relatively complex, with strict mechanical performance requirements and high machining accuracy requirements. In order to ensure the high-quality delivery of the equipment, Kohler dispatched technicians to follow up and inspect the equipment in the whole process, and implemented strict quality assurance for every link from blanking, casting material inspection, finishing, assembly and parts inspection.
Henan Kolev Equipment Technology Co., Ltd
Henan Kolev Equipment Technology Co., Ltd
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