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    The data is from onsite check of the latest inspection report assessed by independent third parties

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    Suppliers who provide expatriate engineer services, as assessed by independent third parties.

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    The number of factories the supplier has cooperated with in the past three years, as assessed by independent third parties.


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  • The equipment of complete milling production line in Indianapolis Province set off overnight.

    Recently, our company successfully completed the production and delivery of the mill for customers in Guangdong. This mill will be transported to Indianapolis City, Indianapolis Province, to contribute to local production and development. This mill is a high-efficiency grinding equipment produced by our company. Its working principle is to break, grind and screen the raw materials through the interaction between the rotating rotor and the fixed grinding disc, and finally discharge the ground materials from the mill. This working principle makes the mill have the advantages of high precision, high efficiency and long service life.

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  • Model 1120 organic fertilizer mill sent to FortWayne

    At the beginning of the new year, Kohler ushered in a happy day when the first mill was delivered smoothly. With the United strength of all Mrs. Kohler, a set of 1120 organic fertilizer milling production line equipment has been produced and successfully embarked on the journey to the customer site.

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  • FortLauderdale annual output of 300,000 tons fly ash mill equipment delivery, equipped with fly ash special ball mill, efficient separator, bucket elevator, multistage dust removal device

    Now the production line equipment of fly ash with annual output of 300,000 tons in FortLauderdale Province is being delivered. The production line is composed of ball mill, high efficiency separator, pulse dust collector, fan and conveying equipment. The whole production line adopts frequency control motor, high yield and high efficiency, high sorting efficiency; Negative pressure circulation system, fully enclosed design, environmental protection and no dust; Intelligent control system, more convenient control. Henan Kolev has been committed to the research and development and production of drying, sand making and grinding equipment for many years, and its products involve many industries such as mining, building materials, chemical industry and coal. In recent years, there has been a major breakthrough in the field of industrial solid waste treatment.

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  • Macon kaolin mill delivery

    The customer's kaolin mill equipment in Macon Province is being loaded and shipped. The company's quality control department will conduct the final inspection to ensure that all supporting equipment and parts are not missing. Kaolin is a very important non-metallic mineral resources, has good plasticity and fire resistance, can be widely used in papermaking, ceramics, refractory materials, plastics and other industries. However, because the raw kaolin ore contains impurities and has large particle size, the raw ore needs to be deeply processed by crusher, grinding machine and other equipment. After grinding the kaolin mill, the fineness can reach different specifications, so that it can be effectively used in different industries and meet the production requirements of customers.

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